We are currently surveying everyone for their workshop/learning needs.

Part of our L2g experience includes 2 sessions of workshops, each with 7 choices. That’s 14 workshop electives altogether.

In order to help ensure your needs are met, you are invited to submit your suggestions.

For example … “As a leader of leaders, my learning needs are:

  • Besides promises of chocolate, what are the 10 top ten tips for recruiting ministry workers?
  • The Newsletter: Getting the story of our ministry out there to parents … got any tips?
  • We are one of the best kept secrets [not] out there. How do we market ourselves without being crass?
  • Socially Networking Your Ministry for Dummies … I don’t want to do it, I have 14 year olds for that … but I need to understand it.
  • We do the Bible education thing really well, but need help with the mission-in-the-real-world aspects of faith.
  • Understanding team dynamics … how teams work … personality types … planning with the team … vision … everything! (Actually, this is an example of being too general. Break it down to specific needs please.)
  • We are struggling to engage families in the big story of the the Bible on a weekly, intergenerational basis … what are the top 10 resources to help us to do this?
  • you get the idea …


  • Last year’s electives are mentioned in our archives here>
    If you like the look of any of them and you would like them repeated, cut and paste the titles only to the response field below.
  • No promises, we’ll do our best to meet as many of the delegates needs as possible given the range of requests and resources.