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If you haven’t already chosen your workshop electives, it is important that you do so as soon as possible. A couple or our presenters are coming down just for that time slot so if we don’t achieve minimum numbers for a workshop, we may need to cancel. Again, the complete list of workshops are available to be viewed at:

After viewing them:

  • find and open your GoRegister registration
  • click on [Update your details] —> [3) Workshops]
  • choose workshops and click on [next] or [previous] to save changes.
  • check any other updates necessary, clicking on [next] or [previous] to save changes.

Participation is key

There are at least 3 ways to participate at a deeper level prior to and at conference. Your participation will help you to gain more from your conference experience so we hope you can give this some energy to this in the time remaining before conference.

1. TED-style talks.

Our hope is to come away from conference with some completed TED-style talks provided by you, the leaders of leaders of children and families ministry in Oz and NZ. We’ll pop them up on a website for us all to use! We believe it is fair to assume that, at the very least, a dozen delegates will have a topic of passion, conviction, innovation and/or skill that they can speak about for 7 minutes. Although it is easier sometimes to talk for an hour than to distill a topic into such a short time, we believe you can do it. But this will only work if you come prepared.
To prepare, we encourage everyone to start now by at least viewing the following web page on how to prepare a TED-style talk.
Part of this article talks about preparation. Time for that is running away from us. Hopefully those with passion and practice can bring along at least one of their best efforts.
If you like, reading this article is part of your pre-reading to help you to be an audience for those who will end up delivering a TED-style talk as part of workshops, free time or keynote sessions.
We are also contracting the services of Sean Renwick to be with us for two days to video and edit as much as he can in the time. We are looking forward to this as he helps us to create and learn how to create TED-style talks in our own contexts as well as at conference. Some of us may be fortunate enough to have your own or other local expertise in your church to help you to do this already. If so, come along to share your skills and insights with others.
For those game to take up the challenge of presenting a TED-style talk, we will be asking you to prepare well for one of the two workshops, “Have your say!†Choose one of the workshops so you can present and discuss your work. There will be other times to do this as well but it will involve some of your free time if you choose not to do it at a workshop.
If you are interested, please register your willingness and your topic by hitting this link: [Hey Phil, I’d love to present a TED-style talk, here are some details:]

2. Early Bird and Night Owl Reflections

Our program (view that here>) also offers an option to attend a quiet, reflection room with a range of possibilities for spending time with God and engaging the Bible. For those who can help with our special room you are invited to bring along a complete, stand alone activity for a table top. This can be anything from just a laminated piece of card to a tactile, craft activity with materials and guide sheet. Please email Julie by hitting this link: [Hey Julie, I’d love to help with the Early Bird/Night Owl Activity: Julie Terry ] if you are able to bring something along. Please provide Julie a few details of what the reflection activity is.
Naturally, you are welcome to bring along your own refection materials and use them anywhere at anytime. Don’t forget to pack them as well as a Bible.

3. Bronze/Silver/Gold Sponsorships

To discover details on what a L2g sponsorship is and how it can work for you, please find this at:
Important Note: Every delegate is a bronze sponsor as part of your conference fee! To check out your sponsorship privileges for the Market Place/Expo Night read about that at the bottom of the same webpage as above.
If you would like to be a Silver or Gold sponsor (setting up a table or resources for the whole conference), please confirm this by emailing Phil by hitting this link: [Hey Phil, I would love to be a gold/silver sponsor:]

Empowering household faith

If you like, and if you have space, throw your top three books on children and/or families … faith, spirituality, faith formation or faith development in the suitcase. At conference, as you share a quote or two from those books with others, it will help to form the ‘why’ of our conversations. Thanks.



After reading:

Please let us know if you have any queries or issues regarding travel.


Even though the NSW south coast can be quite mild, (Tuesday looking fine) The Tops is at the top of a mountain and can be, at times, quite cold and wet. Come prepared for that please. The event and sleeping rooms are heated.