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~ Keynote 1 ~

The Logosdor Team

~ Keynote 2 ~
the sweet spot

David, Phil, Tammy, Beth, & Christina

~ Keynote 3 ~
Building Resilience in a Frenetic World

Lyn, Terry, & Emma

~ Keynote 4 ~
The leader
in you

Trace, Louise, Sally, & Terry

Further downloads related to Keynote 1

Further downloads related to Keynote 2

Further downloads related to Keynote 3

Further downloads related to Keynote 4

Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session A

A1 Connecting kids, Scripture and real life: Mission impossible? … Wendy Strachan


A2 2nd gen faith formation … Sam Chan

NB. This is a short recording of Sam from a main session but is available here.


A3 How to disagree productively in an increasingly polarised world … Terry Williams 




A4 Using your strengths to lead well … Trace Valentine 


A5 Exploring intergenerational discipleship … Tammy Tolman


Breakout Session B

B1 Global trends … local challenges … Simon Hood


B2 Connecting kids, Scripture and real life: Mission impossible?

 … (see above)


B3 Engaging children to participate in decisions affecting them … Emma Parr


B4 Partnering with parents … Christina Embree (via ZOOM)


B5 Exploring intergenerational discipleship … (see above)


Bonus recordings

C1 The challenge of going … Steve Hodgson


C2 Creative ways of building resilience … Lyn Wolsley


C3 Helping families navigate digital space … Simone Boswell 


C5 Partnering with parents … (see above) 


Breakout Session C

Opening session


Ministry market lace/expo night