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Take a look at our program and some of the program elements!


Here is the program for this year’s  conference … it is still subject to minor changes.

Tuesday 16th of May


1pm Arrive after lunch … register, settle in

2.30 Opening Celebration and Conference Small Groups

3.30 Break

4.00 Keynote Session 1: Cultivating an Intergenerational Church (Jill Kayser)

Elements: Keynote input, conference small group time, context group discussions, individual reflection, Q & A

5.30 Free time

6.30 Dinner

7.30 Keynote Session 1: Cultivating an Intergenerational Church (Jill Kayser)

… continues. 

8.30 Network & supper

9.30 Late night options for Night Owls … conversations, prayer, reflection

Wednesday 17th of May


7am Early morning options for Early Birds … conversations, prayer, reflection

7.30 Breakfast

8.30 Corporate worship

9.00 Keynote Session 2: Understanding Gen Z and Gen Alpha (Claire Maddon)

Elements: Keynote input, conference small group time, context group discussions, individual reflection, Q & A, morning tea

12.30pm Lunch

2pm Workshop A

3.30 Break

4:00 Workshop B

5.30 Free Time

6:30 Dinner

7.30 Ministry Expo & Market place

9.00 Network & supper

9.30 Late night options for Night Owls … conversations, prayer, reflection

Thursday 18th of May


7am Early morning options for Early Birds … conversations, prayer, reflection

7.30 Breakfast

8.30 Worship

9.30 Keynote session 3: Taking Faith Home (Rob Rienow)

Elements: Keynote input, conference small group time, context group discussions, individual reflection, Q & A, morning tea

12.45pm Lunch

2.00 Workshops 3

3.30 Break

4.00 Delegate initiated conversations

5.30 Free Time

6.00 Dinner

7.30 The L2g Biennial Challenge & Hall of Appreciation Induction

Our main activity will be our popular yet trivial challenge! And PRIZES! The prizes! Yes, the prizes will also probably be trivial:-)

8.30 Network & supper

9.30 Late night options for Night Owls … conversations, prayer, reflection

Friday 19th of May


7am Early morning options for Early Birds … conversations, prayer, reflection

7.30 Breakfast

8.30 Worship

9.00 Keynote session 4: On Being (Bill Brown)

Elements: Keynote input, conference small group time, context group discussions, individual reflection, Q & A, morning tea

12.00 Closing celebration, small groups and lunch

12.30 Lunch

Keynotes and presenters

Keynote presenters

This time we will draw extensively on the experience, expertise and wisdom of:

  • those who regularly attend L2g
  • panel experts who will visit for their session
  • international voices brought to us via technology


Learning the art of getting out of the way

Listening and responding to the needs of children is a vital aspect of our ministry with them. As Christian leaders we have a responsibility to equip and  empower  children and give them a voice, as well as responding to their stories of voicelessness and disempowerment. We need to provide children with strategies and opportunities for spiritual growth, discipleship, personal evangelism and service. This session will be facilitated by the Logosdor team. There will be opportunities to explore ideas on how to step out of the way and empower children for ministry both inside the church, within their families, communities and beyond. There will also be a chance to hear of spaces where this is happening well.


Finding the sweet spot

Growing lifelong, active followers of Jesus in households, with peers and in intergen-relational ways

We begin by reflecting on our learning from the decades regarding the strengths and benefits of household, peer and intergen approaches to discipleship. Then, as we consider 3 overlapping circles (or a solid triangle or 3 cords not easily broken), we will imagine what ministry would look like in the sweet spot of all three. As we listen to home-grown and international voices, we will be led to engage in thoughtful and practical responses as to the why, the how and the what of ministry shaped by this understanding. We will tease out ways to draw on the benefits of a synergy of all three in order for this approach to impact your context.


Building Resilience in a Frenetic World

Exploring pastoral responses to the increasing incidences of mental health issues of children and families in our ministries.

A journey of exploration to help us clarify our understanding of the much-used terms of ‘mental health’ and ‘resilience’ complemented by current research and findings. Drawing on the experience in the room and from professionals from the work force, we will unpack some of the contributing factors and how to recognise and respond to these in our quest to increase levels of wellness in the people we serve in our ministries.


The Leader in You

Leading with confidence to make the biggest impact your way.

Be inspired and encouraged to:Lead from wherever you are; Raise a new generation of leaders; Shape culture through language; Create longevity of leadership through effective self-care; & to Lead despite feeling inadequate, unimportant or anxious
Jesus modelled leadership throughout his ministry.  In exactly the same way, our own leadership impacts our ministries. God has positioned every one of us to impact our world.  We want you to be encouraged, to build your confidence and provide you with practical strategies to bring out the best the leader in you.


We are excited to work with the following presenters

Bill Brown

Bill Brown

On being!



Personal growth, character and integrity: 

Together we will be exploring a process for the week involving praise and thanksgiving, personal retreat, reflection and prayer. We will be bookending this journey with an opening celebration, culminating with a facilitated session with Bill Brown on our final day.

Reflecting on his many decades in pastoral leadership, Bill  will help us to explore the spiritual life of the leader – its challenges, practices and imperatives.

Come prepared to grow your leadership for the long haul and to be encouraged in your walk with Jesus.


Rob Rienow

Taking faith home



How do you shift the jurisdiction from the church to the home?

The journey of faith formation through the lenses of home plus church raises the important question of, “How you facilitate change so that it’s not church first with home as an afterthought? ”

God created the institution of the family and the institution of the local church with distinct purpose. Both exist for the Glory of God and the spreading of the Gospel. Tragically, todays world and todays church have confused and lost the clear purposes of the jurisdictions of the local church and the Christian family. As a result, neither our churches nor our homes are advancing the Gospel as God intended … let’s explore …

Note: Rob will be on a Skype video call from his home in the USA


Jill Kayser

Cultivating an intergenerational church



Reclaiming our roots.  Changing our culture.

Despite our intergenerational origins the church persists in doing ministry in unhelpful silos.

How did we get here and how can we move and inspire our churches to reclaim their intergenerational roots and embed an ethos that encourages and facilitates all God’s people to worship, learn, pray, celebrate, serve and play together?

Culture change is what’s needed but how do we do it?  Understanding our congregations’ resistance to change and motivators for embracing change is key to taking people on this much needed journey.


Claire Maddon

Understanding Gen Z and Gen Alpha



These are the generations we are called to minister with.

They are the early adopters, the brand influencers, the social media drivers, the pop-culture leaders.

They comprise nearly 2 billion people globally, and they don’t just represent the future, they’re creating it. In Australia they will have the most formal education, be the most globally connected and digitally native in history.

Claire will share some insights into these new generations, their families and how we can best communicate and connect with the children of this age.

View the archive of keynote themes and presenters here>

Workshops & presenters

Our electives for L2g 2017 have been grouped into 3 breakout sessions …

Breakout Session A

Wednesday 2 - 3.30pm

Recruiting leaders is not just about running programs!

It is also, and importantly, about building people – investing in your young leaders to help them realise their potential and gifting for their service for the Kingdom. Come and explore key strategies for discipling your team and growing strong leaders.

Conversation: A little speaking/AV input then a facilitated discussion, perhaps in cycles.

Steve Hodgson … Steve is married to Merridy and has two kids, Averie 4 and Oliver 2. He has been working in Youth and Young Adults ministry for over a decade and has worked with Churches of Christ NSW as the state coordinator for Youth and young Adult ministries for the past 7 years. Steve and Merridy also lead a pioneering missional church expression in Parramatta reaching out to a highly multicultural and diverse city. Steve is passionate about making disciples and seeing every follower of Jesus trained and equipped to step into their calling to participate in Gods mission in the world.

Churches and parents each have their own ideas and understandings when it comes to faith formation. How can we work together more effectively?

Whilst we rightly celebrate what happens within the ministries of our faith communities, we have largely lost sight of the biblical injunction that sees our homes as the primary place of discipling and nurture.

What would ministry look like if we truly believed this? How can we encourage this? (Sending home take-home sheets as a first and only option doesn’t count!) Who sets the agenda? The home? The church? What needs to change and how? Big ships turn slowly. Take a moment to reflect on this question, “What am I doing to help parents nurture spiritual formation in their children?” Bring your ideas and your questions and join the conversation …

Conversation: A little speaking/AV input then a facilitated discussion, perhaps in cycles. Minimum 7

David Buxton … David is married to Kate with five children aged 4 to 14. He has been on staff at CoroUniting church in the Adelaide Hills for 10 years where he serves as Children & Families Pastor. He is passionate about seeing churches and homes partner together effectively and is always looking for new and helpful ways in which this bond can be strengthened. He loves good coffee, being with his family, making and fixing things and going camping.

What is the biblical role of a grandparent?
Can you summarize this in a sentence or even a word? Every grandparent is given a God-ordained role that is not interchangeable with any other member of the family. Come to this seminar to gain a laser-like focus on what a grandparent’s role is as well as learn twelve responsibilities grandparents are given by God from the Bible. The content of this seminar is the culmination of research from a Ph.D dissertation, but don’t worry, it will not be overly academic in presentation. If you are not a grandparent, this seminar will prove valuable as it will equip you to provide a clear and compelling vision to share with grandparents in your context.

Note: This session will be via Skype from the US

Josh Mulvihill (via Skype) … (@DrJoshMulvihill) is the Pastor to Children and Families at Grace Church, Minnesota and the Director of Resources for The Legacy Coalition. Josh has a PhD from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Josh is the author of Biblical Grandparenting and Preparing Children for Marriage. He is married to Jen and they have five children.

It’s time to relearn the lost art of conversation!

How do you have a respectful  conversation with someone who views are diametrically opposed to yours? e.g. gender equality, same sex attraction, right/ left wing political views, etc what are some of the principles of engaging in the conversation. Let’s not get bogged down in a particular topic. Let’s keep it broad. Empathy and Respect are two platform pieces from which to launch.
Conversation: A little speaking/AV input then a facilitated discussion, perhaps in cycles. Minimum 10

Karina Kreminski … Karina is a Lecturer in Missional Studies. Before that she was the Senior Pastor of Community Life Church Cherrybrook and was ordained in 2002. She ministered there for 13 years. Karina has completed her doctorate in missional studies focusing on the formation of a missional church and missional Spirituality. She has also been involved in denominational leadership serving on the various councils and the vision committee. Karina blogs regularly for Missio Alliance and also preaches at churches, conferences and events. She also enjoys mentoring leaders for ministry. Karina belongs to a church in the inner city of Sydney and is in the early stages of planting a church there. Her book on urban spirituality will be out late 2017

13 Empowering children to have a voice in their family, church and globally

A conversation to explore empowerment strategies for children.

Explore … helping children to discover more about issues, becoming well informed on topics of concern to them; strategizing for meaningful expressions of concern; and safely expressing or acting upon them.

God has made it clear that His purposes for children are of immense Kingdom value, teaching, discipling, training and empowering them are all very important to the health and growth of the body of Christ. God promises in Isaiah 59:21 that children will have His Spirit and speak His truth, and Jesus affirms that children (not merely descendants) have that promise and role in Matthew 21:16. So children do need to be heard by others – in their own families; in their church families; in the wider world. As voices praising God, as voices reflecting or critiquing culture, as questioners, as voices who have received His Spirit; who may carry his answers. How can we help children to investigate today’s issues & see them through Jesus’ eyes? How can we empower them to respond in a way appropriate for them in their walk with Jesus? To join with God in what He is doing to bring Him glory?

Conversation: A little speaking/AV input then a facilitated discussion, perhaps in cycles. No minimum.

Libby Horton & Jane Dixon … Jane & Libby work for creative children’s ministry organisation Logosdor. Based in Sydney but working globally has meant Jane & Libby have helped produce resources, run training and writer’s workshops with the goal to see local children’s ministry leaders trained & equipped with useful resources written by them for their context. The team are also involved in helping global movements including the International Sports Coalition (ISC) and the Global Children’s Forum (GCF) producing resources, coordinating language translations and being part of the leadership team. Curriculum writing, video production, curation of resources, empowering locals and dreaming up new ideas for ministry are just some of what they do. Partnership with others has produced the following: www.max7.org … www.kidsgames.com … www.readysetgo.ec … www.aimlower.com … www.kidshubs.com … www.kidshubtv.com

Breakout Session B

Wednesday 4 - 5.30pm

How do you use the program and move beyond the program to help young lives connect with the creator of the universe? How do we lead children into genuine encounters with Jesus? What does this look like? Our challenge is to get out of the way and to create spaces where this vital connection can happen.
Conversation: A little speaking/AV input then a facilitated discussion, perhaps in cycles. No minimum

Rachel Sangster … Rachel is the Director of Unlimited Children’s Ministry Trust in Christchurch NZ. She mentors, encourages and resources leaders. She loves to see all ages connecting with God together and growing together … www.unlimited.org.nz

Blessings were a consistent and significant part of the history of God’s people as recorded in our Scriptures. Some current curriculum resource providers have incorporated this custom into their program materials. What could this look like in your context. Come and explore the possibilities and be inspired by the stories of others.
Conversation: A little speaking/AV input then a facilitated discussion, perhaps in cycles. No minimum

Brent Allred … Brent is Pastor to Children and Families at Mooroolbark Baptist Church in Melbourne. He has been involved in children and families ministry for over 25 years, including local church ministry, Scripture Union and missions. He is married to Glenda and has three adult children and seven grandchildren. He loves spending time with his family and enjoys travel, coffee, books and, most recently, birding.

Within the restraints of time and the limitations of our role statements, it is easy to default to a position of evaluating our ministry based on the events we run on the weekend and during the week. What does faith formation look like during the other days of the week? How are your children benefiting from the wisdom of the different generations in your church family? How many shared generational experiences form part of your discipling strategy? How am I providing a ‘village’ for my children and helping parents to provide the same experiences?

Tammy Tolman … Tammy has been leading ministry with children for close to 30 years. Tammy is invited to speak around the globe as well as here in Australia. Tammy is passionate about seeing the generations connect and encourage faith in one another and has been a key leader in the Here to Stay movement in Australia. Tammy has been instrumental in birthing an intergenerational faith community south of Sydney, that seeks to do life together across the ages, to serve and grow more like Him in their everyday.

Why do we need to re-imagine church and how can we do that for our secular nation? This workshop shares lots of stories of churches trying new ways of being church in different (but similar) contexts. Together we explore opportunities for worshiping with all ages in fresh ways. We will also share research and learnings from the Fresh Expressions movement and each other as we explore how to be “church” together.

Seminar/Conversation: A little speaking/AV video clip input with some facilitated discussion, perhaps in cycles. No minimum

Jill Kayser … is the national leader of Kids Friendly, the children’s ministry for the Presbyterian Church of Aoteroa New Zealand. Jill has a real passion of including all ages in every aspect of the faith community. She is also a keen follower of the Fresh Expressions movement and an advocate and facilitator for churches wanting to try new ways of being church for the 21st century.

Breakout Session C

Thursday 2 - 3.30pm

Thinking a little further about creating safe spaces.

While we have been busy filling in forms and checklists to implement Child Safe Standards, the question needs to be asked have we been missing something? Join a panel of people working to create safe churches as we explore some ideas around the underlying principles, using some common sense and giving children a voice.

Collaboration: A little speaking/AV input and then a sharing of ideas and resources or the workshopping of an idea. Minimum 12

Forum … Louise Bartlett, Jonathan Bradford, Daron Pratt and Sonia Jeffery … working in roles helping churches implement best practice child safe environments.

We apologise for the withdrawal of this breakout session topic.

One in seven 4-17 year olds (14%) were assessed as having mental health disorders in 2013. 20% of the 4000+ calls to KidsHelpLine each week were about mental health concerns in 2015.  How do we deal with and cope with the presenting issues from these statistics in our children? Let’s explore together some of the implications together including the hidden and not so hidden affects of anxiety in chidlren. Awareness of the stats is one thing … So what do I do?? Practical steps to help a child … naming & containing emotions … 
Conversation: A little speaking/AV input then a facilitated discussion, perhaps in cycles. Minimum 5

Meikle Bennett … Meikle is a mum, wife, grandmother, Pastor and teacher. Meikle has worked with kids in many context for over 30 years. She is passionate about seeing broken kids healed and able to reach their God given potential by owning their identity and outworking their gifts. The way kids think about themselves dictates the choices the make. Meikle has a wealth of experience working with kids with behavioural and emotional disorders and is keen to share her knowledge and experience. Meikle is a Director of Southern Cross Kids Camps and is currently on staff at Urban Life Church Menai as the Children and Community Pastor.

How do we help children and families navigate a safe space in a digital world. With more and more children carrying a smart phone, how do we help them to set their own agreed boundaries and how do we help families to journey with them into this space? Come and explore the vital role a Digital Family Covenant can have in a home context.
Seminar: Mainly speaking/AV input from the speaker with a question time &/or some discussion. Minimum 5

James & Simone Boswell … James & Simone have been married 26 years and have six children. The eldest three are now adults, studying at university, with one daughter married and one son living interstate. The youngest three are in high school.
James has worked in IT for more than 30 years, as a lecturer in computer systems engineering, hardware designer, software developer, researcher, inventor, architect, and IT strategist. He has worked for a range of organisations including “Young and Well CRC” who were exploring the role of technology in relation to youth mental health.
Simone has a bachelor of Music Education and worked as a High School music teacher for eight years, before choosing to be at home full time with the children. She has homeschooled our six children for most of their school years, with the oldest ones going to school for years 11 & 12 (HSC). Simone still teaches piano students which she has been doing for thirty years, and is currently teaching as a casual at local Christian schools.
Simone has run Playgroups when the kids were little, and for ten years GEMs (Godly Encouragement for Mums). She is currently a Scripture teacher, Girls Brigade Leader, and plays piano at a church plant for international students. For many years she was the National Contact Mum co-ordinator for Growing Families Australia and still spends a good deal of time helping young mothers with their newborn babies.
Simone is the author of Calm Baby Confident Mum, a practical guide to managing your baby.
James is a worship leader at Figtree Anglican Church, and is part of the leadership of the creative arts ministry team. He also co-ordinates the church’s Faithful Daily Read blog.
Together they still run parenting classes and speak at conferences and churches about many parenting topics, including Cyber Parenting.
websites: cyberparentingbok.com, calmbabyconfidentmum.com

So your a Family Ministry Worker. That’s rather exclusive, isn’t it? What about the single people in your church family? While a biblical understanding of the word ‘family’ clearly reveals that rather than being exclusive, it is completely inclusive, this example highlights the challenge of using words to communicate. So many of the words that we use every day in our ministry talk can easily be misunderstood because we deal with people of differing perspectives.

How do we communicate in a way where words do not become a barrier to understanding and inclusion? What a great conversation! “As a Family Minister, I run a Children’s Church program every Sunday as part of our church mission, helping to make disciples.” …. any loaded words in there?

Tammy Tolman … Tammy Tolman has been leading ministry with children for close to 30 years. Tammy is invited to speak around the globe as well as here in Australia. Tammy is passionate about seeing the generations connect and encourage faith in one another and has been a key leader in the Here to Stay movement in Australia. Tammy has been instrumental in birthing an intergenerational faith community south of Sydney, that seeks to do life together across the ages, to serve and grow more like Him in their everyday.

This topic is in the media every week, in some form or another. This world intersects with the world of your children. There are strongly held views within the Christian spectrum on this matter. While debates may rage, children and families are trying to find their understanding on this and appropriate it into their day to day lives. This is not an easy topic with which to engage but as a group of adults, passionate about following Jesus, we want to create a space for an open discussion.

This is about learning from others’ perspectives … not be persuaded in that space … but to be influenced to think, read and pray further about the topic, believing what we believe for even deeper reasons or perhaps even changing our stance. It is about being honest about your own understanding and questions. It is about listening, with empathy and respect, to each other and to God.

Terry Williams … Terry trained and worked as a teacher in primary and secondary schools before joining the staff team of Scripture Union Queensland, Australia, where he has worked for 29 years as a specialist in children’s ministry. In 2008 Terry divided his time to join the SU International staff team in a part time capacity where part of his role is to serve on a small global training team helping to multiply trainers across the world. Terry is married to Margaret and they have three adult children and four grandchildren.

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