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Magnificent, comfortable, yummy venue!

Conference fees & charges

Conference fees: NO PRICE INCREASE!

  • $425 … Early Bird registration (before May 1st … extended!!)
  • $460 … Normal Registration
  • $495 … Late registration (after May 24th)

Optional extras to the above fees …

  • If linen is required add $15 as part of the registration process
    Please note:

    • Supplied linen includes one towel, one pillow case and two flat sheets.
    • You will need to bring this bedding if you do not choose this option
    • A bed, mattress, comforter/quilt/doona and pillow is supplied and must be protected with either supplied linen or your own.
    • Rooms are heated.
    • add $65 … Come early and add a Bed and Breakfast package (lunch not included) … check this option in the registration process. Be early as places are limited.

A normal registration will mean sharing a room with 2 others. Each room has two double bunks, one double bed and an ensuite.

  • add $60 … If you prefer your own room to yourself, check this option in the registration process.
  • add $30 … If you prefer to just share your room with one other person, check this option in the registration process. You will need to nominate your roomie and that roomie will need to choose the same option and nominate you.

Note …

  • The ‘2-only to a room’ or ‘1-only to a room’ options are only available if space allows it. Please register as early as you can to help us organise this option for you.
  • If you are staying off-site, calculating casual conference facility and meal charges for day visitors is complex. The higher casual rates and an admin fee means if you choose this option it will not attract any discount.

Part-time delegates

We would love to see you even if only for a day so you can receive a day full of insights, conversations and meals. An of course you can come for longer.

With this in mind, we have arranged to make the following options available.

  • 1 Day of conference (includes lunch & dinner if required) … $120.00
  • Bed & Breakfast (B&B) … $65
  • 2 Days (includes lunches & dinners) + 1xB&B … $270
  • 2 Full Days (includes lunches & dinners, 2xB&B) … $335

Coming part-time? Please complete an online registration and choose any of these options.

Announcing a Day Special for locals!

For Thursday 13th only, enjoy our ‘L2g Taster’…

  • 8.30am start
  • Keynote: Taking faith home … How do you shift the jurisdiction from the church to the home? (Rob Rienow)
  • Morning tea & Lunch
  • Your choice from Workshop C
  • 3.30pm finish

Only $60 …

  • This is offered as a ‘taster’ for local NSW/ACT people who are considering coming to future conferences or who cannot come to our conference for the whole time.
  • This offer is not available in conjunction with other part-time, day-rate packages.

You will need to register for admin/catering purposes …

  • Hit the registration button below.

Online registration


We love GoRegister! So …
Go register!

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Register online with GoRegister

Our thanks to GoRegister for processing our online registrations.

  • GoRegister is able to process credits/PayPal payments however this does incur and extra $12 or so.
  • We therefore prefer Electronic Fund Transfer or a cheque. You will be able to find out how to do this through the online process on GoRegister.

Register by email/mail


Anything we can do to help you be there!

Register by email or mail

We prefer online registration however we are able to provide an email or mailing version of the registration process if that helps you.

Find out more here

Registration by email

If you wish to choose this option:

  • copy sand paste the text below to the contact form found here>
  • then completing each part before hitting the [SUBMIT] button.

Registration by mail

If you wish to choose this option:

  • copy and pasting the text below to a word processing document on your computer
  • complete the form
  • print the form
  • post the form to:
    • L2g Conference
      c/- Phillip Day
      519 Lyons Street South
      Ballarat  VIC  3350

I wish to register for Leaders to Go Conference

Preferred first name:

Family Name:

Church / organisation:

Role / position (if any):

Postal address:


Post code:


Please supply the best phone number/s we are permitted to contact you on during office hours:

Phone (Home) if applicable:

Phone (Work) if applicable:

Phone (Mobile) if applicable:


Website: (0ptional)

Share details:  YES  /  NO  (delete one)
Are you happy to share your name, organisation. role / position, email and website details with other conference delegates?


I am attending full time / part time …   (delete one)

If you are only able to attend part time, please add a note here describing your arrival and departure dates and times as far as you are able at this stage:



Please go to or click on the following website page to determine the amount you are electing to be charged. —> REGO —> FEES AND CHARGES

Regarding fees

  • Are you electing to pay early bird, standard , late, part-time conference fees? … please copy and paste the line from the above webpage (or make notes) as to:
  • I am electing to be charged for:
    • Fee:
    • $:
    • Notes:

Regarding attendance

  • [   ] I’m staying on site  OR  [  ] No accomodation required, I’m staying off site (delete one)
  • See note on the above webpage regarding part-time or off-site attendance.

Regarding level of accomodation

Require linen?   YES  /  NO  (delete one)

  • If YES, please note or copy and paste that charge here:
  • $

Please note: Linen includes: one towel, one pillow case and two flat sheets. You will need to bring this bedding if you do not choose this option – a mattress, comforter (a.k.a. quilt/doona) and pillow is supplied. Rooms are heated.

Upgrade package of 2-share- or no-share room?  …

  • If YES, please copy and paste the particular package you require here as well as the charge:
  • Package:
  • $


Dietary Requirements: (type YES in each bracket that applies to you)
[   ]  Coeliac (Gluten Free)

[   ]  Coeliac / Lactose intolerant
[   ]  Lactose intolerant
[   ]  Vegan
[   ]  Vegetarian

Allergies: (type YES in each bracket that applies to you)
[   ]  Nuts
[   ]  Eggs
[   ]  Shellish / Seafood

Please add detailed notes regarding any of the above dietary requirements or regarding other specifc allergies:
  • Paper registration will need to be printed by you and any payments by cheque/money order will need to be posted to:
    • Leaders to Go Conference
      c/- Phillip Day
      519 Lyons Street South
      BALLARAT  VIC  3350
  • The Early rate is only permitted if this posted registration is received no later than 4(four) days after the early bird closing date otherwise the other charges will apply and an invoice for these charges will be issued.


• Delete the payment options you are not using and complete the payment option you are using.


Option 1 … delete this section if you do not choose this

[   ] Please issue an invoice by post/email (delete one) for payment


Option 2 … delete this section if you do not choose this

[   ] Please find my cheque/money order for $ [… …] in the mail/enclosed (delete one)

  • Make cheques out to: Leaders to Go Conference


Option 3 … delete this section if you do not choose this

[   ] Direct Transfer: Bendigo Bank BSB: 633 000

  • Acc #: 124646498  Leaders To Go Conference
  • Reference Tag: <your first & last name>
  • Transfer Receipt Number:
  • Please include a printed receipt with a mailed registration or attach it to an email.



If you have an additional note to organisers, please add this here:

Apply for a rebate


Please don't hesitate to apply!

Helpful rebates for up to 20 delegates attending conference.

Need a hand?

Leaders to Go is conscious that some delegates may find it more difficult to attend than others because they are:

  • travelling distances greater than 2000km (one way) to conference, or
  • experiencing financial constraints/ hardship.

We wish to assist up to 20 such delegates in a small way and are offering some assistance in the form of 20, single,  $100 L2g Reimbursements to be paid after the conference to successful applicants or their churches/organisations.

If we can help, we will … find out more here.

You will need to:

  • Register and pay as normal before the early bird cut-off date. Registering early will naturally reduce your costs.
  • Complete the simple online application form below.

Preference will be given, in order, to delegates:

  1. who will travel more than 2,000km (one-way) to the conference and are not being sponsored or reimbursed by an organisation/church;
  2. whose conference fees are paid entirely by individuals who consider that such a payment would be a struggle for them; (although delegates receiving partial help from a small, struggling church may also be considered in this category);
  3. who will travel more than 2,000km (one-way) to the conference and are being sponsored or reimbursed by an organisation/church.

It’s up to each delegate what the rebate would be used for however we have in mind it could be used toward:

  • B&B accommodation at the conference centre the night prior to the conference commencing if arriving early is necessary;
  • a small financial reimbursement towards travel costs; and/or
  • help in affording the conference fee.


  • The amount of assistance/reimbursement will be determined on a case by case basis and will vary according to the finances L2g has available to disperse. i.e, up to twenty $100 rebates for this conference, each delegate receiving no more than one rebate.
  • Each application will be considered on its merit. L2g will reimburse successful applicants within 3 weeks after the conference has concluded.

Apply for a refund


We hope everything will be OK!

For lots of reasons,
we may owe you money!

The form below will help us to ensure any money we may owe you will find its way back to you in a timely manner.


  • things go wrong and you can’t attend conference like you intended;
  • you have been successful in applying for a conference rebate;
  • you have an honorarium coming your way;
  • we owe you a reimbursement (receipt required);
  • you’ve overpaid and we would like to make that right;
  • other?

For what ever reason, please help us to help you by completing the form below.

The easiest way for this to occur is for you to provide your account details so we can make and online payment (have these ready)


We can also provide a cheque is you prefer.