leaders to go conference

An Australian biennial children and family ministry leadership conference.
Our conference serves paid or voluntary leaders-of-leaders of church and school-based ministry working with pre-school & primary children and families.

September 2021 : More details to come!

The challenge

In the fast paced, time pressured, post-modern age in which we live, the need to see young followers of Jesus developing and outworking a faith that has lasting rigour is the continuing and pressing challenge facing families and leaders in the faith community.


What do you see for me ?

The challenge to reclaim and prioritise family

  • The primary responsibility of the home as a faith forming and missional centre has lost its priority
  • Parents and caregivers are bombarded with books, programs and voices from social media overwhelming their approach to parenting
  • The constant pressure for parents to journey with their children through the confronting challenges facing them today
  • The pressures of work, the pursuit of pleasure and the constant default to individualism continue to influence the level of care and support provided within households.

What do you see for me ?

The challenge to reconnect and prioritise community

  • The complementary role of the faith community in supporting the faith formation process in the home has been undervalued
  • The value of generational connections has been minimised as busy and consumed adults spend less time in positive relationships with children
  • Friendships and relationships are increasingly more difficult to make in the context of modern day social media, bullying and other unacceptable behaviours
  • There is an urgent need to journey with children through their tough questions when life and faith is not working

What do you see for me ?

The challenge to survive and thrive in a digital world

  • The digital age continues to challenge the authority of ‘elders’, empower children, replace close mentoring relationships and provide too much and inappropriate information too soon
  • The voices of ‘friends’ on social networks have a strong influence shaping reactions and responses
  • Screens attract more attention time than human interaction
  • The rising levels of anxiety from the bombardment of tragedy and sadness as presented by the media
  • Responding with optimism and resilience to changes in our world is difficult.

The Leaders to Go Conference experience …

Our conference intentionally focusses on these issues, and other emerging issues, in our striving to see young lives nurtured to their capacity.


We love you! We see a future for you!

Drawing on the expertise and experience of the people in the room.

  • While some invited speakers may lead input from the front, a large part of the process involves large and small group processing and individual reflections so as to celebrate an ‘open learning’ space. Your ideas, discoveries and wisdom are some of the most valuable ingredients of the conference.

We see a welcoming, safe, engaging faith community for you!

Connecting team leaders with each other.

  • This is your chance to meet people who are doing the same job as you and facing similar challenges to you. The conversations over coffee and the ongoing relationships formed are guaranteed outcomes from a few days spent living in community;

We see inspired & empowered leaders of leaders for you!

Providing an oasis in the midst of life

  • Four days away from your ministry centre, surrounded by people passionate about the same stuff as you are, set in beautiful surroundings, feasting on great food and drinking in all that the Holy Spirit wants to fill you with.

Tell us again why you can’t be with us….?

Please join us!

Conference dates & themes


This will be our 10th conference since 1999

Leaders to Go Conference

2.30pm Tuesday 11th – 1.30pm Friday 14th June 2019

A children’s and families ministry leadership conference for paid or voluntary leaders of leaders of church and school based ministry with pre-school & primary children and families.

Leaders to Go is the conference of choice for leaders in families and children’s ministry. Whether you are working amongst children and families in a church or through a parachurch ministry context this is a conference not to be missed.

Our keynote themes

As in the past, our keynote themes will still follow the style that focuses on the needs of leaders-of-leaders

LEAD … Leadership, Empowerment/Evangelism, Advocacy, Discipleship

Keynote presenters

This time we will draw extensively on the experience, expertise and wisdom of:

  • those who regularly attend L2g
  • panel experts who will visit for their session
  • international voices brought to us via technology


Learning the art of getting out of the way

Listening and responding to the needs of children is a vital aspect of our ministry with them. As Christian leaders we have a responsibility to equip and  empower  children and give them a voice, as well as responding to their stories of voicelessness and disempowerment. We need to provide children with strategies and opportunities for spiritual growth, discipleship, personal evangelism and service. This session will be facilitated by the Logosdor team. There will be opportunities to explore ideas on how to step out of the way and empower children for ministry both inside the church, within their families, communities and beyond. There will also be a chance to hear of spaces where this is happening well.


Finding the sweet spot

Growing lifelong, active followers of Jesus in households, with peers and in intergen-relational ways

We begin by reflecting on our learning from the decades regarding the strengths and benefits of household, peer and intergen approaches to discipleship. Then, as we consider 3 overlapping circles (or a solid triangle or 3 cords not easily broken), we will imagine what ministry would look like in the sweet spot of all three. As we listen to home-grown and international voices, we will be led to engage in thoughtful and practical responses as to the why, the how and the what of ministry shaped by this understanding. We will tease out ways to draw on the benefits of a synergy of all three in order for this approach to impact your context.


Building Resilience in a Frenetic World

Exploring pastoral responses to the increasing incidences of mental health issues of children and families in our ministries.

A journey of exploration to help us clarify our understanding of the much-used terms of ‘mental health’ and ‘resilience’ complemented by current research and findings. Drawing on the experience in the room and from professionals from the work force, we will unpack some of the contributing factors and how to recognise and respond to these in our quest to increase levels of wellness in the people we serve in our ministries.


The Leader in You

Leading with confidence to make the biggest impact your way.

Be inspired and encouraged to:Lead from wherever you are; Raise a new generation of leaders; Shape culture through language; Create longevity of leadership through effective self-care; & to Lead despite feeling inadequate, unimportant or anxious
Jesus modelled leadership throughout his ministry.  In exactly the same way, our own leadership impacts our ministries. God has positioned every one of us to impact our world.  We want you to be encouraged, to build your confidence and provide you with practical strategies to bring out the best the leader in you.

Times, costs, rego, venue & travel


Magnificent, comfortable, yummy venue!

Starting time

We will convene on the Tuesday at 2.30pm**, registration from 1pm.

A starting time after lunch allows interstate and international delegates time to fly in. The later start means a very simple lunch will only be provided if you ask for one in the [arrival notes] in the registration stage.

Any other lunch arrangements will need to be made on the way to the conference. Some delegates with cars may be able to offer an excursion to nearby shops in Helensburgh but this is not guaranteed.

Note that there will be limited spaces available for delegates to arrive the day before. This ‘B&B plus lunch’ package needs to be purchased at the registration stage. Again, this is limited, so book early.

Finishing time

The finishing time of our program on the final day is after lunch at 1.30pm on the Friday.

Please allow travel time (at the very least, an hour) and any book-in time at the airport before booking any flights. Flights after 3.30 allowing 2 hours to get there should work but check this for yourself.

In the past, some delegates have skipped lunch and left the program after the closing celebration at 12.30pm. We will endeavour to help with transport to the local station at or just after 12.30pm

We cannot offer transport to the local railway station before this finish time while the program is still happening. Personally ordering a taxi will be the best option in this case.


Conference fees: NO PRICE INCREASE!

  • $425 … Early Bird registration (before May 1st … extended!!)
  • $460 … Normal Registration
  • $495 … Late registration (after May 24th)

Registrations are now open.


Registration is now open 

Thank you again to GoRegister who will be handling our registrations for us.


The Tops Conference Centre … 1hr south of Sydney … 51 Bendena Garden, Stanwell Tops NSW 2508

An aerial view of The Tops is pictured above.
An extensive  gallery of photos of the facility is also on The Tops website here>


Extensive travel information for delegates may be found here


We are asking delegates to make their own way to the Stanwell Tops Conference Centre. If travelling by public transport, we will be able to offer a shuttle service from the closest public railway station which is 10 minutes from the conference centre. See details and conditions about this arrangement below.

Travel Rebate

Leaders to Go is conscious that some delegates may find it more difficult to attend than others because they:

  • are travelling distances greater than 2000km to conference, or
  • have financial constraints/ hardship.

We wish to assist such delegates in a small way and are offering some assistance in the form of single $100 L2g Rebates for up to a maximum of 20 delegates.

Please see the complete details regarding this here>


The Tops Conference Centre … 1hr south of Sydney … 51 Bendena Garden, Stanwell Tops NSW 2508


Travel by Car:

Road directions from Sydney:
Sydney ~~ to ~~ The Tops Conference Centre


Travel by Train:

Rail from Sydney to Helensburg (the closest railway station)

*Timetables are subject to changes outside our control. Be sure to check closer to the day of travel to confirm times.

Airport to Hellensburg: 1.5hrs approx … $20 approx. … using two trains.
Shuttle service provided from Hellensburg to conference (10minutes)

  • From domestic Airport (T3) take EAST HILLS/GREEN line towards Macarthur (away from the city). Get off after two stations at Wolli Creek
  • From Wolli Creek take SOUTHCOAST/BLUE line south and get off at Helensburg (although some trains continue to Stanwell Park, see note below)
  • SMS Phil on 0417 116 970 when leaving  Wolli Creek Railway Station  and we’ll endeavour to pick you up at Helensburgh providing it isn’t in actual conference session times. SMS anyway and we’ll see what we can do.
  • There are generally no taxis at Helensburg (unless you are able to book one to meet you there ) but there is an intermittent service that will take you to within 173m of Stanwell Tops Conference Centre.
  • Note: Best not to continue to Stanwell Park Railway Station. Trains don’t always run there. It’s a long walk up the hill.

For a more detailed trip planner & timetable to Helensburg:

Please go to the NSW transport trip planner https://transportnsw.info/trip/#/
Remember, you are looking on this map for Helensburgh Station, Helensburgh.

On this link, add or copy/paste:

  • From: All: Sydney Airport, Domestic Terminal (T3), Mascot (Or International T2)
  • To: All: Helensburgh Station, Helensburgh
  • Arrive: before 11.30am (or change this if you intend arriving after our starting time)
  • Date: choose a Tuesday timetable if the exact date isn’t noted. (Check closer to the time)
  • Adjust as necessary; download info/trip plan etc.
  • After claiming your baggage, follow the signs down and out to the trains where you may also purchase tickets.
  • A single adult fare will be around $20 for this trip. You may need to purchase an Opal card prior to travelling OR purchase a single trip ticket BEFORE getting on the train.
  • Other fare calculations can be made here>
  • A schematic of this trip is provided by city rail here>


The trip home for those booking flights

Once at conference, it will be highly likely that delegates will meet someone going back to Sydney who is able to go via the airport.
We will be working to link people up. It depends on availability of cars and seats.
However, the shuttle service will be operating back to Helensburg Station at the conclusion at our program at 12.30pm if you choose to skip lunch or at 1.30pm after lunch.  If you need to go before this then booking a taxi will be your best option. (See the program timetable above, 12.30 is the start of lunch so you may need to skip lunch or at least be at the start of the line.)
We will most definitely finish on time and begin a shuttle back to the station. Bags will need to be in the cars for those needing to meet the 1st train.
So …
The 1:12pm* train from Helensburg Station, Helensburgh will take just over an hour back to Sydney Domestic Airport according to www.131500.com.au
As you will need to get there a good hour before your flight depending on your carrier, booking flights after 3:30pm sounds about right.
If you wish to linger a little after the 1pm conclusion, the next train from Hellensburg will be at 2:12pm so adding an hour means booking a flight after 4.30pm.
*Timetables are subject to changes outside our control. Be sure to check closer to the day of travel to confirm times.

Special offer!


If not the whole time … for a short time!

L2g Taster … Open Day

You may have heard about our conference but do not have the opportunity to attend full time. The options below may be for you!

Thursday June 13th … $60

  • 8.30am start
  • Keynote Session: Empowering Children: Learning the art of getting out of the way
  • Morning tea & lunch
  • Choose 2 electives from the 10 topics on offer spread across two sessions
  • 5.30pm finish

For all part time options, see our rego page

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Leaders to Go Conference
Tuesday 11th- 14th June 2019
A children’s and families ministry leadership conference for paid or voluntary leaders-of-leaders of church, school & community based ministries with pre-school & primary children and families. Our 10th conference since 1999.
Featuring: Four keynotes (Leadership, Advocacy, Empowerment, Discipleship – LEAD); Market place & expo, live-in community, prayer & individual retreat, workshops & small groups, worship & reflection, sharing & networking.
Venue: The Tops Conference Centre, Stanwell Tops, NSW 
 $425 Earlybird (registered and paid before April 26th) … $460 Normal Rego … $495 Late rego (after May 24th)
 2.30pm Tuesday – 1.30pm Friday
Details: www.leaderstogo.org.au

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