Our Story

First Conference

Leaders To Go was launched in 1999.

It was a conference specifically designed for leaders-of-leaders in Children and Families Ministry. The conference has attracted key leaders from all states in Australia and New Zealand.

The conference is promoted widely through denominational representatives and state based Children’s Ministry Networks.

2001 - 2019
Biennial Conferences

L2G has been held biennially (every two years). The conferences have been held in the three eastern states: NSW, Qld & Victoria.

COVID Interurrupts

Our leadership team felt we didn’t need to add another conference to this year’s calendar but we wanted to keep the Leaders To Go connections alive by holding a one day retreat in various locations that join together online.

Online Events

We ran a series of short online events to foster community and connection, including a book club, ideas marketplace, speaker’s corner and the biennial L2g challenge.

Another Full Conference - All Together

Plans for a full, in-person national conference in the second half of 2023.

Past Conference Feedback

I wish I had known about this conference years ago! It has given me ideas I can put into practice right away in my ministry context.

2017 Participant

Really enjoyed the fact that it focuses on making the relationships with each other and making disciples of all.

2017 Participant

To meet with others in a similar area of ministry to wrestle with the big picture issues.

2017 Participant

It’s been a great place to network and talk to people, to experience, see and hear about what God is raising up/ doing in children’s ministry.

2017 Participant

I always find L2G a refreshing time spiritually. More so than at other conferences I’ve been to.

2017 Participant

Being able to network with others in similar roles. Having shared values & challenges, & being able to journey together.

2017 Participant

We’re leaving enriched and ready to return. It’s not a conference that scares people away.

2019 Participant

Feeling renewed and re-affirmed in ministry for the next season.

2019 Participant