Leaders To Go

Ideas Marketplace

In the spirit of L2g, where everyone has wisdom to share, we’ll come together to share, listen, dialogue and sharpen our practice and our tools for ministry in our Ideas Marketplace!

You’re invited to come along with an idea, a question, a resource, a can of worms, or simply with an open mind ready to listen and confabulate with others. Those who come with an idea/resource will share this with everyone for (up to) 1 minute, then everyone can choose which of the ideas/resources they would like to engage with, for up to 15 minutes. You vote with your feet and join the conversations as you wish.

Examples of topics could include:

  • A helpful resource for exploring XYZ with families
  • What have you learned so far about mission during/post COVID?
  • 5 top tips to encourage and engage your volunteers
  • A new initiative you to partner with others to help get off the ground
  • What’s the state of mental health in our children?
  • Leading ‘up’ with denominational leaders
  • Etc…

Leaders To Go is an open learning and development space where we love to share ideas and wrestle with questions. What’s your biggest challenge at the moment? What’s a recent discovery you’ve made, a tool or resource you’ve produced, or a foundational principle that continues to serve you and your ministry well?