Leaders to Go Conference

About us

We are an Australian biennial children’s and families ministry leadership conference.
Our conference serves paid or voluntary leaders-of-leaders of church and school-based ministry working with pre-school & primary children and families.


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Our charter

Leaders to Go invests in the future as it provides a unique opportunity for children and families ministry specialists to: network, explore, share their stories, be resourced, challenged and supported.

Leaders to Go is designed to recognise and complement the training and development work currently organised through Children’s Ministry Organisations, denominations and state-based Children’s Ministry Networks (CMN).

Leaders to Go is more specifically focused than most of the current training opportunities and is a valuable inclusion in any annual training calendar.


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Vision & outcomes

We have a passion to see leaders of leaders in Children and Families Ministry encouraged, enriched, empowered and equipped in their key leadership role.

Leaders To Go is working to:

  • invest in and value children’s and families ministry leaders;
  • demonstrate, promote and encourage excellence in ministry;
  • help leaders to discern, distil and communicate a vision for ministry in their local context;
  • implement strategies for ongoing localised support.

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A conference structure and style has been developed which best enables the vision to be realised, outcomes achieved and values expressed.

Each conference is planned to include the following elements:

  • Keynotes … reflecting current trends and approaches in ministry … keynote speakers are experts in their field and cover topics in these for key areas: Leadership, Evangelism (or Empowerment for ministry/mission), Advocacy and Discipleship. (LEAD)
  • Forums … opportunities are provided throughout the conference, to reflect and respond to the issues raised in the keynote sessions. Facilitated by experienced practitioners participants are encouraged to explore issues, ask questions and develop strategies for effective ministry.
  • Workshops … Key topics are facilitated by those with expertise and experience in their field. Participants are able to share and glean ideas that work.
  • Networking and community building opportunities are provided throughout the conference.
  • Resource displays and demonstrations by participants and others
  • Worship … opportunities are provided corporate worship and prayer as well as times for personal guided reflection.

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Leaders To Go was launched in 1999 and has been held biannually since that time. The conferences have been held in the three eastern states: NSW, Qld & Victoria.

It was a conference specifically designed for leaders-of-leaders in Children and Families Ministry. The conference has attracted key leaders from all states in Australia and New Zealand.

The conference is promoted widely through denominational representatives and state based Children’s Ministry Networks.

Leadership structure


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Our conference is overseen by a
Planning Team and a Reference Group

Members of the Planning Team and a Reference Group are Children and Families Ministry leaders with extensive experience in church based and para-church based ministries in their state, across Australia or internationally. Members have a desire to see other experienced leaders-of-leaders resourced and supported in their ministry.


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The role of the Planning Team

The Planning Team has the responsibility for the overall planning and direction of the conference. The team meet regularly by phone/internet hook up. The Planning Team also share many of the Reference Group roles as well.

The role of a Planning Team member is to:

  • participate in the general oversight of conference direction, theme, speakers, program and expenditure
  • participate in regular meetings by Skype internet hook-up and  face to face meetings once each year if possible
  • take on specific roles and/or responsibilities related to the planning, coordination and delivery of the conference
  • liaise with the Reference Group, church leaders, children and family ministry specialists and other key contacts
  • share many of the Reference Group’s roles and responsibilities (see below)

Current Planning Team Members

Louise Bartlett

Children & Family Ministries

NSW & ACT Baptist Churches

Phil Day

Children & Families Ministry Consultant


Hillary Hague

Team Leader, Children and Families

Scripture Union New Zealand

Melissa Neumann

State Coordinator
Children and Family Ministry

Uniting Church SA

Julie Terry

Children & Families Ministry Consultant

Wide Bay Region QLD

Tammy Tolman

Children & Families Ministry Consultant

Spot the Difference

Terry Williams

Children’s Ministry Consultant

Scripture Union International


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The role of the Reference Group

The Reference Group is made up of representatives from as many participating states and countries as possible.

The role/responsibility of a Reference Group member is to:

  • be familiar with the Leaders to Go Charter and be committed to the Mission, Vision, Values and Outcomes of the Leaders to Go conference;
  • help to promote the conference within your networks;
  • help in some aspects of the preparation for conference, e.g. respond to emails from the L2g Planning Team to:
    • provide ideas for workshop topics, suggestions for potential workshop leaders/speakers;
    • provide feedback regarding other conference elements as requested.

During the conference you may be asked to:

  • take on small organisational or supportive roles;
  • provide ongoing feedback to the Planning Team regarding ‘the vibe’ of conference.

After the conference:

  • we would love you to provide detailed feedback to the Planning Team through the conference online evaluation form.

Current Reference Group Members

Beth Barnett

Learning, Theological and Bible Engagement


Chris Barnett

Children & Families Ministry

Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of VIC/TAS

Cheryl Clendinning

SRE Consultant/Trainer
& GodSpace Editor

Baptist Association of NSW & ACT

Rachel Sangster


Unlimited Children’s Ministry Network (NZ)

Tracy Valentine

Children & Families Ministry Consultant

Wide Bay Region QLD

Tim Walter

Associate Pastor

One2One CofC Ballarat VIC

Rob Adams

(L2g Treasurer)

OAC Ministries WA

Karen Baron


Christian Education In Schools (CEIS – ACT)

Keynote speakers' brief


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This section outlines the role and responsibilities we ask keynote speakers to undertake as they serve our conference.

Specifically, if you have been asked to be a keynote presenter:

Thank you for the passion and expertise we know you will bring as a keynote presenter at our Leaders to Go Conference for leaders-of-leaders.

Guidelines for keynote presenters:

The keynote topics have been chosen for their relevance to our expected demographic of delegates. Most will be team leaders, either paid or unpaid in their different ministry contexts including church, school, organisation or community.

It is also worth noting that this is not a conference for ministry beginners. We have asked you to speak to our leaders-of-leaders, not necessarily because of your expertise in the area of children and families ministry, but because of your expertise in your topic.

Typically the presentation will need to be planned into the 2.5 hour time slot which includes a break. Discussion typically continues over the break so a question may be posed for that time.

Learning styles of participants will need to be considered. We love to see best-practice learning principles demonstrated as we are sure we share with you the hope of great learning outcomes for the delegates coming to our conference.

It is hoped a keynote will have balanced phases of presentation, listening, discussion, questions and reflection either individually or in small groups. The balance will depend on the topic and on the preferred style of the presenter.

From our experience:

  • A keynote will need to be respectful of the wide range of theologies and perspectives of the participants that would attend an interdenominational conference of this nature. By all means be provocative while maintaining a level of sensitivity. We are all aware of the issues that easily divide us.
  • We trust that you, as a presenter, along with your organisation’s stated ethos and values are in line with the Leaders to Go Conference Charter.   You have been strongly endorsed by the planning team with this in mind.

There are a number of ways we have found a keynote presentation works at our conference:

  • When the topic is a one of ‘universal principle’, the presentation, discussion and small group activities can often occur without reference to the specific area of children and families ministry. The topic may also relevant to a broad spectrum of contexts. This is particularly true of such things as leadership topics. Even so, whenever possible, relating such principles to a particular context is helpful.
  • When a presenter has experience or background in children and families ministry, the material, discussion, styles and stories can be presented in a way that relates generally to the audience of children and families ministry leaders-of-leaders.
  • If a presenter does not have children and families experience or background, either the delegates have the responsibility to make the material relevant to their context or the host team member assigned to hosting your visit amongst us can help as a go-between. The latter is the preferred option here as it has been successfully used in the past. This does involve a little more time and communication and there are two typical ways to work this:
    • The host team member helps to provide discussion questions, perhaps suggests an avenue of approach or gives some background insights to help in the keynote speaker’s preparation … or …
    • After some the discussion around the content of the keynote presentation, the host team member could then have the opportunity and part of the time to:
      • respond to a keynote presentation, and
      • give a some combination of perspective, story or introduction of the discussion questions.
    • In either of these scenarios, the keynote is a collaboration aimed at delivering the best outcome for delegates.

If you have been asked to be a keynote presenter, your help please …

If not yet finalised, we are looking to you for your help to hone the keynote title, sub-title (optional) and description (abstract) for your keynote. We hope that both you and the host team member will be able to shape this in a way that will attract participants and will provide them with a pretty good overview of what to expect. If not yet finalised, an email with links will come to you shortly confirming your willingness to be a keynote presenter.

If it has been finalised, thank you for this work in providing your abstract and bio. Please let us know if any changes are needed after you review it here>

Workshop speakers' brief


What do you see for me?

This section outlines the role and responsibilities we ask workshop speakers to undertake as they serve our conference.

Specifically, if you have been asked to present a workshop:

  • Thank you for the passion and expertise.
    We know you will bring a great deal of both to a workshop for leaders-of-leaders.
  • Thank you in advance for your time on this.

Guidelines for workshop presenters:

  • First and foremost, to qualify to be a workshop presenter you and your organisation’s stated ethos and values need to be in line with the Leaders to Go Conference Charter.  This is outlined above on this page. Workshop leaders need to be known and endorsed by at least one member of the planning team or reference group.
  • We are committed to offering workshop presenters an honorarium equivalent to one third of an early-bird conference fee. There will be provision (we’ll be cool either way) for you to either:
    • not claim it in support of our conference, or
    • claim it in support of your yourself &/or organisation.
  • It is hoped a workshop will have balanced phases of listening, doing and discussion and will need to be planned into the 1.5 hour time slot.  Learning styles of participants will need to be considered. Having said that, no pressure, but we would love to see:
    • best-practice learning principles demonstrated, and
    • great learning outcomes for the delegates coming to our conference.
  • We are also aware that presenters have a variety of presentation styles depending on the content to be delivered, so in order to give the best picture possible to our delegates you will also be asked to denote the style of your presentation:
    • Seminar: Mainly speaking/AV input from the speaker with a question time &/or some discussion.
    • Conversation: A little speaking/AV input then a facilitated discussion, perhaps in cycles.
    • Collaboration: A little speaking/AV input and then a sharing of ideas and resources or the workshopping of an idea.
  • A workshop will need to be pitched at the level of leaders-of-leaders and related to as many of the local team contexts your topic can relate to … playgroups, churches, missions, schools.  We are working hard not to provide workshops usually found at state level children’s/schools ministry training events.  e.g. ‘Discipline 101 for the small group leader’.  The more appropriate type of topic for our context would be something like ‘Parenting Resources: How to train parents in the art of discipline: an overview and review of available resources’.
  • A workshop will need to be respectful of the wide range of theologies and perspectives of the participants that would attend an interdenominational conference of this nature. By all means be provocative while maintaining a level of sensitivity. We are all aware of the issues that easily divide us. In this sense, a seminar or ‘preaching’ would not be appropriate. A respectful conversation of the issues would be an acceptable way of approaching any potentially provocative topic.
  • The focus of any workshop is the sharing and discovery of ministry learning and skills. A side benefit of a workshop may be the sale of resources however we ask that a workshop is not used primarily to be a vehicle for the sale of resources or the promotion of a program. Please give a balanced view of other resources and programs as well and/or provide some time for others to do so. Please provide examples from sources other than your own to highlight some of your points. Typically, there is ample time at the display tables of gold or silver sponsors or on the Conference Expo night for promoting a particular resource or program.

For further enquiries, please email using the contact form provided here>

What people have said

Below is a selection of comments that we reckon best indicates the sorts of benefits a delegate will experience as a result of our conference.


In answer to the question/s: What have been the benefits to you? What would you say to others thinking of coming?

  • I always find L2G a refreshing time spiritually. More so than at otger conferences I’ve been to. It’s also been a great place to network and talk to people, to experience, see and hear about what God is raising up/ doing in children’s ministry.
  • Our church is actively working towards a new ministry plan and we believe that intergenerational, family-equipping worship is at the heart of what God is calling us to become. We were blessed to send a team from leadership as well as membership to LeadersToGo 2017 to both catch this vision and be inspired with how we can best implement it. To that end, this conference was both immediately relevant and highly inspiring. I think for me the big take away is to explore and put together a theology of family. I’ve been stuck on the idea of child in the context of family, but not so much on the family (or household or tribe) as a distinct unit. I need to think the through and work out how it fits our church setting.
  • The extended interaction with the children’s ministry community. The deepening of these relationships. The opportunity to congregate as leaders serving in ministry and bounce ideas off each other, working in harmony towards advancing the Kingdom of God.
  • To meet with others in a similar area of ministry to wrestle with the big picture issues. Really enjoyed the fact that it focuses on making the relationships with each other and making disciples of all. Throughly enjoyed learning about how others have made the transition to intergenerational churches as this is where we are heading.
  • Overall it was great. There was helpful and challenging components. It was great having accommodation and conference on one venue. The sessions were all great. Although there was a lot of content with little down time. This made the later half of the conference more difficult as my brain was in overload.
  • Meeting with other kids and families ministry workers – for ideas, encouragement, space away from the job, refreshment spiritually
  • Have always found this conference beneficial to my ministry role.  Great to network with other leaders in similar roles from all around the country & NZ as well as from a variety of denominations.
  • I love the way it challenges us in what we are doing and what we could be doing and being able to discuss it with others
    Spending several days away from the usual context, in a deep space of chatting about different philosophies, programs, resources… helps reorient my little day by day decisions when back at church and in ministry, so that I’ve regained a good perspective of what I’m trying to move things towards.
  • Leaders2Go 2017 has been the best conference I’ve been to. Engaging with people from so many different theological perspectives, experiences and coffee drinking habits is so enriching. I found the theme of liken the life of the tree a very concrete and practical aspect. Appreciated time on my own with God, time with a few and then in the larger group. Did not feel rushed, yet the input was flowing at just the right pace.
  • I wish I had known about this conference years ago!  It was practical, engaging and thought-provoking, and has given me ideas I can put into practice right away in my ministry context.
  • Helped inspire and inform me for our Church’s 5 year vision process which we are currently undertaking
  • Being able to network with others in similar roles. Having shared values & challenges, & being able to journey together.
  • Meeting others, listening to others, sharing thoughts still forming
  • Being with like-minded people on the cutting-edge of what it means to be faithful disciples in ministry


•  For me, it’s about a few things. I love being able to catch up with people I haven’t seen for a while, talking about ministry, sharing my joys and concerns, praying with people and having a place to think deeply about new ideas, ministries and other things.

•  The Conference was great. I very much appreciate the time to mull on things and the length of the conference gives space for this. The networking for me is probably the biggest blessing. Being challenged by what people are doing in their ministries and talking about things presented is a great format. Enjoyed all the speakers and got something from them all. Loved the TOPS (Great location!) A HUGE thank you to the team for organising this.

•  There were a number of benefits for me personally. Mixing with other experienced people – the intense sessions that kept you thinking – the great balance of listening and interacting – the great location – the numerous ideas I have come away with directly and indirectly.

•  Being able to have conversations with like (or unlike) minded people was amazing!

•  It’s important to have a specialised conference addressing children’s and families ministry (even though the current trend is towards intergenerational ministry, which I was pleased to see was a central plank of the conference esp. with Dave Csinos as guest). This allowed us to get to the nitty gritty of this particular context (most of the time). I have taken away numerous resources, websites and new contacts, and more motivation in what I do in this area. It was a very well-planned and well-executed conference with a great atmosphere of collegiality and joy.

•  I really appreciated being able to just hear from some of those who are in kids and family ministry for the long haul – Phil Day, Terry Williams and Tammy Tolman in particular. A great way to continue the Here2Stay conversation. The conference has articulated so many challenges and questions that have been raised recently and provided some philosophical and theoretical steps forward…. still trying to work out what it looks like ‘practically’ in my context! I would love some kind of a ‘healthy family/kids ministry checklist’ that could help highlight priorities… but maybe that would be too easy 😉 Thank you to the team, you’ve done a wonderful job and I’m VERY grateful for the opportunity!!

•  It was a richly rewarding experience to hear from passionate children ministry leaders whether they had been in the ministry for many years or had just started. All of these people were warm and willing to share their experiences.The conference material covered important issues leaders face not only in terms of the children and families they minister to but also the issues they face as leaders working in a team with the aim of furthering God’s kingdom.

•  Wonderful opportunity to network, fellowship, learn and pray with like-minded and passionate people who love God and families/kids.
I am always challenged and inspired by the speakers/workshops/ conversations – and there is always something I can ‘take home’ and work into my philosophy and/or practice of children’s and family ministry.

•  It’s amazing to be in a room full of Leaders of Leaders, who understand the pressures, the stressors, and the benefits of what we do. The conversations the topics, and the time together is more than encouraging its a breath of fresh air in what can be a hard ministry area to work in. The big picture topics are amazing to discuss and fantastic to be apart of the conversations to help move Kids and Family ministry into the future.

•  A great experience again. Was challenged and inspired. Some aspects of the conference like the workshops may need some more thought. Thanks for the opportunity to be fed rather than be doing the feeding. Your work is much appreciated.

•  Great to be able to network with like minded people, those filling a similar ministry role to myself. Affirming the direction our congregation is heading.

•  This has given me plenty to think about and work through in the days ahead. David Csinos was great and his insightful comments have challenged me. This was a great conference for leaders. Thank you.

•  I found the whole conference a great time of learning, networking and ideas to think about.

•  I think my only suggestion would be a set time for journaling each afternoon, maybe 4.30 – 5, or 5 to 5.30. I found that I had so much going around my head that I didn’t have time to process it and plan how and when to action things. With evenings busy and meals a time of networking I think an allocated time for quiet, a short time each day to just sit quietly and think and pray and plan may have helped. By Thursday I was feeling overwhelmed with it all, which may (!) have been avoided by a daily time for reflection. Otherwise I think it was fantastic and would highly recommend it.

•  There was such a wealth of knowledge that was freely shared, discussed and debated.

•  It has made me come away with a much bigger picture of what Children’s and Families Ministry is all about, and the responsibility I have to my faith community and to God in carrying out my duties.

•  The coming together of many denominations, from around Australia and New Zealand, who all serve their families and children in their faith communities, and yet for a few days in one place we were ONE, talking and sharing about our God and how best to serve our families and children.
It was a totally enriching experience for me, I feel charged up and encouraged to serve my families and children , knowing I am not alone, but i am one of a greater number serving God in my community.

•  The main benefit was to be in community over a number of days with my peers in children’s ministry leadership. Exploring deep, theological and cultural issues effecting children with a sense of respect and fun.

•  The conference came at a critical time for me. I didn’t think I could afford to go but am so glad I made a last minute decision to rock up.

•  I found the structures of the sessions very helpful. There was some solid input but nothing felt finished, this was a positive, allowing further thought and reflections. The use of a number of speakers in sessions including the videos/people on screen was helpful. The mix of small groups or talk with the person next to you worked very well (Better than most conferences. I think this reflects the people who were present)

•  The main benefit was to be in community over a number of days with my peers in children’s ministry leadership. Exploring deep, theological and cultural issues effecting children with a sense of respect and fun.

•  The conference came at a critical time for me. I didn’t think I could afford to go but am so glad I made a last minute decision to rock up.

•  I found the structures of the sessions very helpful. There was some solid input but nothing felt finished, this was a positive, allowing further thought and reflections. The use of a number of speakers in sessions including the videos/people on screen was helpful. The mix of small groups or talk with the person next to you worked very well (Better than most conferences. I think this reflects the people who were present)”

•  Opportunity for people with the same passion for children’s ministry to get together-to share, network, support one another-grow and learn . To see the bog picture and be stretched and challenged. To relax and build relationships. All involved with hands on ministry to children and families- They. Get it. To encourage and learn from one another.

•  The main benefit of L2G is the cutting edge thinking that challenges current leaders to keep emerging. This is vital in any ministry context that involves young people as they are the cutting edge generation. If our ministry doesn’t engage, seem relevant or allow their questions then it will die along with their faith. Modern leaders have to be ready to go to the edge with modern kids, meet them there whether it is risky, dirty or dangerous, and journey with them for as along as it takes. Personally L2G is spiritual refreshment for me within a fold of similar thinkers on similar ‘called’ journeys. It re-equips me with ideas, courage and inspiration to carry on. I appreciate that it has broadened its focus to include church, school, para-church and other ministries that involve children’s faith nurture and development. For me more or the outcomes probably still apply to church than to my ministry work in schools.

•  Networking with colleagues across denominations, parachurch groups and Australia and New Zealand.

•  Discussing issues and ministry strategies with others who get what we are on about, know what it is like trying to bring about change, and are doing it.

•  Great opportunities for networking with others who have the same goal in mind (helping kids and families grow in faith), especially across the denominations and different size churches. Good to engage with insights different to our own, robust discussion etc. Good to have opportunity to reflect on presented material. Dave’s insights very helpful, loved it that he just felt comfortable being around and engaging with us all.


1 – Suzanne H

I look forward to coming to Leaders to Go.  I know that I will receive from God.  It’s an amazing opportunity to share with others who are like minded and who have a desire to be challenged ‘i.e. moulded’ by God to do the very best for children in our care and for those not yet in our field of influence.  My feelings as I leave are that I have just been to a family ‘Christmas’.  We celebrated Christ together as our Lord and Saviour, Christ in each other and Christ as the most precious gift we could possibly receive or give.  I have received gifts in the form of questions most of which are still being formed in my mind.  So I look forward to going home and unwrapping all I have been given and then sharing them with others.  Thank you!  I am eternally grateful for all who made this ‘party’ happen.

2 – Graig C

As I’ve listened and engaged with others, I’ve written lots of questions that need to be addressed by me personally.
Some are:
1/ How is my life going to change as a result of this time away?
2/What is my role within my local church to help make a difference to the evangelism and discipleship of kids?
3/Which three kids do I need to invest specific, intentional time with, to help them grow in their relationships with Jesus?

3 – Jenny B

Living in the country you can feel a bit isolated in ministry with few funds and resources and seemingly reliant on what you can produce can be demoralising.

Coming to L2G is an experience where I am encouraged and affirmed, challenged and lead by God in my work with children.

You leave connected to resources, especially fellow youth ministers. You leave encouraged and with direction and you leave affirmed in your calling and the direction God wants you to go.

This year I have been left in particular with a clearer understanding and vision in regard to encouraging and nurturing my team, discipling kids and working with boys.

4 – Sharon C

As soon as I know the dates for L2g this year I let my vicar know so that I could be freed up to attend. There was a staff retreat planned for the same dates but I said I was off to L2g and the staff retreat dates were changed (not just on my behalf, but that contributed to the decision). This is such a valuable, helpful, refreshing conference and I think as many as possible should put the dates into their diary and include it in their budgets for 2011!

5 – Linda M

This is the second time I have been on L2g and it’s been a truly valuable experience for me. It’s been great networking and meeting with people from similar backgrounds or roles to talk to people. The keynote speakers have all made valuable contributions to my thinking and the way I’ll approach what I do in the future. Thanks for organising this conference and for the way you have been helpful.

6 – Sylvia M

This is my first conference and I have to say – it has been awesome. Huger and more helpful than I would have hoped for.

Networking with like minded, passionate people has bee invaluable and very supportive.

The speakers were awesome and Dave just spoke to my heart and prompted by the Holy Spirit I feel and Know a new path emerging for my role in evangelising kids.

I’m going home on a high!!(and it’s not due to caffeine!!!)

Love what you guys do! Look forward to the next one!

7 – Beth B

I came and I heard the voice of God in challenging, encouraging, affirming and rebuking ways, through wise and loving brothers and sisters. You can’t ask for better than that to reinvigorate your ministry.

8 – Julie H

I’ve had a very busy start to the year so I was feeling overwhelmed at the thought of leaving work for four days. I was thinking about not coming to L2g or coming to part of the time. Some of my leaders at playgroup encouraged me to come and that it was important for my personal growth. So I came and it was great. I loved the keynote speakers and I really enjoyed the small group times. It was good to get to know people. L2g has helped me think about the big picture again.

9 – Jean C

An amazing four days for teaching, fellowship and being challenged to improve my kid’s ministry. Truly inspired by God and inspiring to me.

10 – Sylvia C

God has been speaking to me in the last few months about children, his concern for them and what we can learn from observing and being with them and about us being kingdom people.

This conference has definitely moved me further down the road in this direction. I’m not too certain what it all means for me at the moment, but I believe it was no accident that I was here. God has yet more light and truth to come forth from his word.

I now see that children have an important role in his kingdom here and in the future. I just want more of them to come into it.

11 – Paul D

Challenging and inspiring. This conference has cast a new light for me on the way we do church and the place of children’s ministry in particular. I’m excited about putting into practice the things that I’ve learnt.

12 – Tracey

the depth of speakers and conversation is the reason that I value the L2g conference.

13 – Megan H

Being amongst a group of passionate, resourceful, amazing people inspired me and did my soul well….being fed by amazing leaders and speakers has challenged me and confronted me to ‘raise my voice’ for kids.

14 – Sonia J

My first L2g was a fabulous, rich, community experience. Thanks for tapping into my headspace whilst keeping it fun and relevant. A ’thinking practitioners’ conference.

15 – David G

The L2g conference is a unique time – unlike any other event for kid’s workers. It offers a time of networks and fellowship amongst leaders and leaders of leaders.

The ministry/ teaching times offer a blend of inspiring, challenging and thought provoking messages.

L2g is one of the major highlights on my calendar

16 – Julie K

L2g has been a great place for me to go away and clear my head from the everyday ministry life. It has given me the place and teaching to help me to structure my thoughts (and hear from God) as to what are my problem areas and where do I go with it.

The keynote speakers have challenged me to expand my thinking and the small group time has allowed me to verbalise and hear others verbalise the working out of these issues in our ministries. (very helpful).

I have also been encouraged to use my influence in leadership more within the church (strategically).

The highlight for me was Wendy Strachans address on discipleship. It resonated in my heart with what God has placed in my heart and I have become dissatisfied with our churches. It inspired me to grow and continue in this area to make a difference – because it’s what God wants.

17 – Shane M

My wife and I will seek out formal training to be better equipped to serve the church, having a greater wealth from which to draw from to impart to future leaders. We will set a more formal process to have paid leaders employed in the future, especially for kids/adolescents.

I enjoyed meeting and sharing with very experienced ‘rich’ people and hearing and encouraging each other in our journey in the faith.

18 – Katie P

I’ve been attending L2g since 2005, when I had just started as a Children and Families Minister and just moved states. It has been a fantastic means of connecting with Children’s ministry leaders from all over Australia and beyond and with the folk in my area too.

I am inspired and refreshed every time by the leadership team and the keynote speakers who are always challenging, always driving us back to God, back to why we do this ministry and forward to doing it better.

19 –Karen B

Just imagine the spirit and power stirred, nurtured and challenged when a group of people passionate about presenting Jesus to young people gather together for a week….

It can’t be verbalised, only experienced and perhaps best seen in the strength of children’s ministry leaders stepping out with renewed purpose, focus and drive.

20 – Louise B

the most effective use of time to develop my ministry. You really do have to take the time to slow down if you are going to speed up. I plan to be here again.

21 – Amanda

At the start of the week I was feeling trapped and helpless in my ministry situation – I knew many things that God would want our church to change but had no voice or influence to help take us there.

God has used these sessions but particularly the people here to change my mind. A huge culture change is possible – all things are possible with him – and it is also possible that I can be part of the movement towards it.

I have gone out of this with a new hope, some great strategies for strengthening my voice, and a trust in God and His strength that I didn’t feel before. Praise God!

So I committed to God (after some nudging) to stay at my church for three more years and to trust Him with that, no matter what happens.