2022 Term 4

L2g Challenge

Term 4 of our 2022 Online Events

Conference Launch

An ‘unofficial launch’ for the 2023 conference where we will share:
  • dates
  • location
  • costs
  • themes being explored
  • the list of influencers and practitioners who have been invited to contribute to stimulate our thinking and shape our praxis.
What can you add as we continue to shape this rich time of community?

The Biennial L2g Challenge

Let’s put aside changing the world for a moment to enjoy some fun time together as we pit state against state, nation against nation (thank you NZ for being part of this community), and individual against individual in this ’not to be taken seriously’ friendly competition. Forget about The Chase, Hard Quiz and Mastermind … this is where the real action will take place and champions will emerge.

More Information

Contact Terry Williams [email protected] or David Buxton 0438 500 375

Thursday 20 October

3:30pm WA

5:30pm QLD

6:00pm SA

6:30pm VIC/NSW

8:30pm NZ

2 hours (time flies when you’re having fun)