2022 Term 1 – Speaker’s Corner – in Conversation With

Rachel Turner

Term 1 of our 2022 Online Events
For those of you who were able to tune into Rachel’s keynote at AMPLIFY 2022, we have created this opportunity for you to engage ‘in person’ with Rachel to dig a little deeper into her experience and passion.

Rachel is the Parenting for Faith pioneer at BRF with a variety of resources, tools, courses and a podcast: https://www.parentingforfaith.brf.org.uk/

Rachel will join us live online so we can hear more from her, ask questions and share together our collective wisdom and experience in the “virtual” room.

Rachel Turner

More Information

Contact Terry Williams [email protected]

Thursday 31 March 2022

3:30pm WA

5:30pm QLD

6:00pm SA

6:30pm VIC/NSW

8:30pm NZ

2 hours (with the option to continue discussion afterwards)
Online (Zoom link provided after you register)